Here you find all our members:

Iris from Germany

We are glad to present our 6th community member! We met Iris (earth.thebeauty) in Milan through the article about us from SPIEGEL ONLINE, she has been travelling through Europe with her dog Zuri for 2 months now. For her it’s the perfect and most climate-friendly way to travel. In her own words:
“It enables me to experience nature and the people up close. There is no glass or metal sheet that keeps me away from nature. I can really smell, feel and hear the world . Cycling also has the perfect speed to really grasp the environment instead of letting it frivolously pass by. I see the orchards, the small rivers and hills or the people working in their fields. I am really IN the world. I smell the rain, just like the sun. And it creates encounters. It is incredible how friendly, helpful and friendly people are. Countless times I was involved in conversations on the street and then the people invited me to have a coffee, breakfast, ice cream, cocktail or even to their house to spend the night. People are very curious. My dog Zuri is a great help and door opener because she makes it easy for people to approach me. Due to the slow movement and the many contacts with the local people, I have the feeling of really getting to know the countries for the first time. I am curious how it will be for me in the eastern countries like Slovenia, Croatia or Montenegro, which I will cycle next.”

Alexandra from Greece

When we wanted to leave Heraklion, because we felt we’ve found all the inspiration we’ve could receive there, Alexandra showed up with her bicycle and made us stay one night longer. She is also into cycling and short before affiliating with a big project called “Spin the Wheel”.
In her own words: “Spin the Wheel 2” is a project running now from the volunteer team named Spin the Wheel, which was founded in 2017. The 1st project of the team, called “Spin the Wheel #1” had the remarkable impact of 7.000 children to get all the school material needed for their annular education. “Spin the Wheel 2” now is in the phase of collecting funds through events and actions to various cities in Greece, and particular in Crete, in order to reinforce 825 children of Malawi with school uniforms. One school uniform costs 6 euros and ensures the school attendance of a child for (at least) 3 years! The way to achieve that is by completing a cycling trip from Malawi to Tanzania, a route of 750 km in order to give the school uniforms to these 825 children hand by hand. The cycling members of the mission should be 6 (3 women and 3 men) and the participations are closing in the end of this February. The trip begins in July and will last over 3 weeks. The impact that just one school uniform can make in such communities is of incomparable importance since one school uniform to us means like nothing but to those children means their acceptance in school!

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Thomas from Denmark (and two friends of him)

This is Thomas (@mediummusicdk), he is from Copenhagen, Denmark. We met him at Decathlon in Napoli. We gladly welcome and present this young bicycle traveller in our community. Here are his own words: “In early octobor, after I quit my job, I decided to take a trip from my home city of Copenhagen to Berlin by bycicle. However, I did not expect to fall so in love with the method of travel that almost three months later, I would still be going with no plans of stopping in the near future. I have thoroughly experienced the culture of Germany, the quisine and ancient histories of Italy and Greece, and countless picture perfect views and landscapes, but despite all the positive things that have happened to me, I am most grateful for the lessons I have learned through the hardship of travelling alone by bike. That realization has led me to believe that there are many people who don’t know how much they have to fight for, because they never actually have to fight for it.”

Dean from Scotland (and Nala from Montenegro)

This is Dean, from Scotland. We met his cycling buddy Ricky in Firenze, which was a really great meeting. Ricky went home for a break and Dean continues alone with a friend he found on the road. We are glad to present the first other bicycle traveller on our community page. Here are his own words: ”Cycling around the world has taken a change of direction for me since I found this abandoned kitten. Follow our journey @1bike1world“.

Isabel from Italy

Isabel joined Jannik in August 2018 and ever since they are travelling together. “I am a really creative person, who loves photography and I’ve always dreamed about being a traveller. I used to study in a music academy and orientate myself for the future, but at one point I found a crack inside my view of life and I realized, I am not made for conventional living. So, the moment I started to speak with Jannik in July 2017, I understood there is many possibilities to live. After one year I decided to quit my society responsibilities for a more minimalistic, free and adventurous lifestyle. I am really happy about the choice I made and building up the project ‘Tomorrow’s people’. At the moment I can’t imagine a better living.”

Jannik from Germany

Jannik started his first longer bicycle travel in June 2014 with 21 years. “The daily adventure and this freedom lifestyle, which brings me to the most incredible places and people, is something I couldn’t miss again after the first trip. Even when I tried to settle down after some years of bicycle travelling, I always found myself again on the wheels over the day and in the tent over the night.”