Joy of travelling

Soave – Trieste

We wake up more and more early. It seems we feel the intensive time of nature, start to enter in the flow of universe. You can recognize it in some rare moments, for example when embraced by big mountains or when challanged by a particular situation. It seems guiding our choices through undercovered readable signs from planet earth.

We might wake up more and more early, also because we are free campers and this means to make a piece of ground yours, transform it into a home for one night and leave in the early morning to respect the people who might need it over the day.

There´s something good and at the same time uncomfortable about the morning. After cycling without break for some days the sleep seems not enough to regenerate the body, eyes are lazy to daylight and muscles still contracted. The soul is excited and the mind is focused on being active, having breakfast and starting a new fullfilling cycling day. At least this is how I generally feel the morning because Jannik is always super dynamic and fast, but also feeling some pain here and there.

The day we left Soave we had this feeling of something great coming. Leaving the city of wine to reach the city of classical renaissance is a good cultural step. The city of Vicenza, with 100.000 inhabitants, is the regional county seat of Veneto area (where Venice is also located). It´s interesting to visit the area because of art, agriculture and great natural landscapes. Vicenza is the place where my family has its origins, there´s many little roads with old houses and open squares opening your eyes on the artistic buildings of Andrea Palladio. A quiet nice place where to discover a piece of italian art puzzle.

Capture of the Palladian basilica

Flowed with the bikes on the Aida way to Padova, the two of us stop in the center of the city, relax and head on our way to Venice.

Nice way full of different landscape views, the only bad thing was to discover how much polluted is the north of Italy and to see that some areas of Magenta, a city near Venice, transformed in a kind of ghetto. There is a lot of social disease, many people look unsatisfied. By the way the roads are very organized and everywhere are signs for the cycling way.

There´s a long car bridge leading from the land to Venice. It seems an infinite way and an infinite sunset, while the air is thick, hard to breath and the sky looks beautiful but unnatural. Last time we crossed Venice it was with the sunrise. We came back with a ferry from Patras to reach Milan, where as mentioned in `Ready, Go!´ we had a longer break. It is interesting how family situations can bring people back to their hometown. If it wouldn´t be for this, many travellers would probably never stop exploring the world. Like Heinz Stuecke, who was for some time the most travelled man in the world and never came back home until he saw all the world on his bicycle. Admirable and sad at the same time.

The night atmosphere after a sunset is something great, as much as the morning. We catch a ferry tour of Venice and enjoy the romantic vibe flying above the city.

San Marco square in the background

Since is not allowed to enter Venice with the bikes Jannik and me decide to explore the natural coast of Jesolo, where the sea is amazing. Punta Sabbioni is a little village where the people really care about cleaning. The roads are almost shining and there´s no massive tourism. That´s a place to take some time to regenerate the body, through sea water and sunshine.

One of the signs that reminds you of being in the right flow of universe is exactly your body communication. The skin can become magically clean when you live at the seaside and your mucus production might reduce. Nature itself has all the receips to make humans live good, it´s up to them to do the best to get healthy. Nature, environment and choices define life.

Huge flames in the night

To Trieste, the last big city of east Italy, you can arrive with the Eurovelo I3 and from San Michele al tagliamento take the walking way of Google Maps. On the way there´s a special place called river Isonzo. It looks almost like a tropical paradise, wich in the past was considered as a sacred place dedicated to the european populations. I guess many many people bathed inside because it really feels like the water purify everything. The water is also almost as cold as the ocean in the winter and bathing inside is a challenging experience to excercise your mind. Jannik and me practise a breathing technique to put ourselves consciously inside the river. He teach me the way to breath. We slowly walk to the water and once inside the feet start to burn and hurt, like it´s totally wrong what we are doing. After some minutes I can feel my body accepted the cold and after swimming I have much less fear of cold. It works! The mind is super powerful and let you understand that you can do what you want if you really want it.

A quick and interesting tour of Trieste and we cannot wait to cross the border between Italy and Slovenia. Our curiosity is very near to take over our minds, but we keep on being patient and enjoy what we have in front of us.

Just some mountains to cross and we achieve a new country, that will lead us to new nice adventures.

A dear hello to all our readers!

Ready, go!

Milan to Soave

We spent a long break from travelling in Milan and the two of us realized it was a very good experience to have our own house. Even if the city has a lot to offer, we really prefer to live in a good natural environment with nice people around and less pollution. This idea of good healthy living also inspired us to change our way of eating. Jannik eats mostly fruits and some vegetables, nuts and seeds and I eat mostly vegetarian and slowly sugar free. After we visited our families and worked three months in Milan to finance our next travel, we prepared ourselves and the bicycles for another adventure, beside this we found some places outside of Milan, where we could pick some fresh fruits from trees and slowly come back to nature. It wasn´t sure when we would start the travel and one day we woke up and decided: “Ok! We start next week. Ready, go!”

We said hello to the most near people one last time and started our way direction Istanbul! The way we took is called ciclovia Aida, also called I20 and it goes from west to east north Italy. In the last travel we had to face many bad car roades, so we decided to get more informations about cycling ways. Exactly in time we met Iris, a bike traveller like us, who is cycling with her dog. She gave us a tip about the website, where we found that cycling way. We started from Milan and cycled over Naviglio Martesana, it´s very beautiful and brings you to the river Adda. After this you take the official way to the lakes Iseo and Garda, this is where we went, or you can decide to follow a way that goes north. The way we took goes east to Trieste, it follows water and it’s really various. You will cycle near rivers, through cities and woods and you can pitch your tent on fields with a bright sunset view.

At Lake Iseo we made a very good meeting, we stopped for two days at the house of my grandmother. We already had the fantasy to create a farm in the future, where to settle for half a year and travel the other half, so since the neighbours of my grandma have a farm, we took the chance and spoke with them about what is needed to manage your own farm, around a table full of fresh food, grown by them in their own garden. In Vigolo, this is the name of the village, we also had some nice walks in the mountains and relaxing times in the garden with a great view on the Iseo lake and the valley full of different green trees. Special thanks to Raimonda and Fiorenzo, who told us all their little secrets about farming and gave us more conscoiusness of what it means to really care about your own land. In exchange we could give them some of our food as well and share stories of the last travels.

Time for us to move again! The next days we had a rainy night without problems, a cloudy and windy, but beautiful day at Garda lake, a quick tour through the city of Verona and the place where this article has been written, Soave. The village is incredible, it´s famous for an old, but good looking castle and for the production of wine, there´s kilometers of grape plants! We slept in a field in the hills with a spectacular view, the plants are perfectly in order like the stones of a building and the sunset in the sky is just perfect. Next days we are heading to Trieste, last big city before we leave Italy, once again for new adventures, meeting and knowledge.

A dear hello from Tumi to all our readers!


We puplish a new series called ‘Moments’. In this series its about moments we captured on the road with photos, that gets re-created now with a painting and the story behind.

San Nicola l’Arena

This painting reflects a situation last year in Sicily in Italy. It was somewhen in december, the day started with a clear blue sky and sunshine laying over the mountains. We went to the harbour of San Nicola l’Arena to visit our new friend Munro, an english grown old, but young remained gentleman, who we met the night before in one of the five bars of this village. He lives on his boat in the port of San Nicola l’Arena, which is 30 kilometer near to Palermo, the biggest city in Sicily. When you are here, you don’t feel close to a big city, the time seems to move different in this village, the people are welcoming and the atmosphere is like a summer, that never ended.

Munro showed us around his boat, introduced us to his dog ‘Safran’, who is the co-captain of the 13-meter long ship and offered some of his 5 kilo package of clementines, oranges and lemons, which he received by one of his neighbors the other day. He is really a cool, laid-back english man, who seems to took the right decission to use his pension for living on a boat in this timeless village.

Here, in this place, everyone seems to be a neighbor and the people care about each other. In the bar, where we went the night before, we almost met everyone, who we saw the next days around this village.

Another man, who became a friend, is Valerio. He looks like an actor and has an intellectual vibration around him. The two nights, we stayed in San Nicola l’arena, we stayed at his place. Valerio works in the prison and creates theather activities together with the inmates. He is a writer, who puplished some books and when you come to his home, you really see that writing is his passion. Beside a pretty empty fridge, because this man just eats one time a day, you find a laptop on the kitchen table, always open and ready to get used for the moment, when the creativity strikes in.

One morning we accidentally left the key for the door inside his house and while figuring out how to get in again, we met Veronica, who was living near and tried to help us with the sicilian way of opening doors. Without success, we ended up in her kitchen, drinking a good coffee and sharing some stories.

When we came to the port to visit Munro, we had one unspoken wish and while eating some of the juicy clementines on his boat, the dream became true and Munro invited us for taking a little drive out to the sea. He prepared the boat together with Safran and half an hour later we were already laying on the deck with fresh cold beers, surrounded by the mediterranean sea and a view, that deserves more than just being captured as a photo…and this is the painting of it by Isabel and the story behind by Jannik!

If you like to have the painting in your own home, you can buy it from our shop.

About us

Jannik and Isabel, Grapzow in Germany 2018

That’s us! Jannik and Isabel.

We know each other digitally since we matched over Tinder in Milan in August 2017, but the first time we met for real was one year later in Berlin in August 2018. Both equipped with a bicycle and free from any working or studying responsibilities.

Our first travel together ended succesfully two months later in Stockholm. The next one started just after two weeks break. We cycled from Milan three months through Italy to Palermo and from there to Bari. We took the ferry to Patras in Greece and cycled to Athens. After a little break on Crete, we went back with boat, bus and train to Milan and this is where we are now. We stay here for three months to regenerate, work and build up our project.

Heraklion, Greece 2019

An important moment for our creativity, which resulted in the project ‘Tomorrow’s people’, was in Piacenza in Italy. We went out of money, but not out of the will and need to continue travelling. So, we decided to get creative and earn money. Over street music and other street art experiments, we found out the best way for us is painting and writing. Beside this we created a sign, which presents our project and shows our travel. By our surprise, it had a really big impact on people and we could make a lot of new friends and enemies.

Our street sign in Heraklion, Greece 2019

Through the high interest of people on our project, we thought it needs a name, a logo and also a digital platform and this is where you are now.

Welcome to Tomorrow’s people!

Timeless on two wheels

Its a new day, its a new dawn and a new website in the ocean of the internet.

This website is a platform for Tomorrow’s people. We are all about the future, which we can just reach through the present, where we arrived through the past.

Click, clock, is it existing?

Let’s get back to this project. Tomorrow’s people is a base for creativity in every sense. Our main focus is bike travelling, painting pictures and writing lyrics, connecting people and sharing knowledge. Learning, doing and sharing is what makes us feel alive.

It all started in August 2018, when two seeking souls found each other and started to cycle together through time and space. It began as the idea of a community platform, it became a travel blog and art gallery and it will be a magazine and re-cycling project. We have so many ideas and slowly we can realize them.

We want to fuse and combine, each one brings its skills and knowledge, no one is forced for anything. Just clean your dishes daily!

To get more practical: You can join Tomorrow’s People. You are travelling with the bicycle and want to present yourself on this platform or travel together with us? Join us!

You want to start travelling with the bicycle and don’t know where to begin the planning? Contact us!

We will share all our informations to bring you on the bicycle direction freedom.

Beside this, we will share our own journey here through letters, colors, visuals and sounds. We also share the stories of other bike travellers of our community.

Stay with us!